Composite Wall Cladding

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When you paint a timber fence panel or a brick wall, you’re always going to be maintaining it! The solution; composite wall cladding and composite fence panels with new aluminium posts and panels slotted into existing concrete posts. Before After

Fencing & excavation

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A small winter job, 4 fence panels & 40mm of excavation work with a digger to remove roots & stumps to make way for new turf when the weather gets warmer.

Mediterranean garden with artificial plants

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Artificial plants have come on along way in the last few years with more people wanting low maintenance gardens with artificial items such as plants, grass, decking and fencing.

Composite Decking and Sleeper Planter

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Composite decking with contrasting, picture-frame border and decking lights. We also added a 7m long raised planter built from oak sleepers. Before After

Timber Decking and Support for Hot-tub

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We were contacted by a customer who wanted a timber deck installed that would be string enough to support a 2-3 tonne hot-tub. Raised 20 sqm timber decking with rope balustrade & lights Decking support for a 2-3 tonne hot-tub Composite panel screening Before After

Full Garden Makeover

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What do you do when a car smashes through your back garden fence and demolishes your garden? Call Dig-in Landscaping and let them get to work. Before Work under-way After

Porcelain Paving and New Turf

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Weā€™ve recently completed a garden project in Stone which included: 20sqm porcelain tiled patio area with contrasting granite border & decking lights 18sqm of turf replaced Before Work under-way After