How Much Will it Cost?


We all love watching garden make-over programmes on the TV, but they do cause some confusion when it comes to pricing. It’s all very well Alan Titchmarsh saying paving slabs are £30-40 per sqm, but what they don’t tell you is the main cost is what goes underneath the paving slab, you’re then looking at more like £180 per sqm:

  • Firstly, we dig-out enough earth, approximately 50mm, to get to the correct building-standards regs. level, this is then wheel-barrowed to a skip on your front drive.
  • Then we add 50-100mm hardcore, again, normally wheel-barrowed from your front driveway, to give a good sub-base to stop any movement over the years.
  • We lay the paving slabs on a FULL bed of cement, not using the ‘5-dab’ technique (which should never be used) which some people use.
    • Mixing the cement in the mixer also requires more shovelling. One typical 60x90cm paving slab requires a full load from the cement-mixer; 18 shovels of sand and 3-4 shovels of cement.
  • A typical 20sqm patio requires:
    • 2tonne hardcore
    • 2tonne sand
    • 25 bags cement
    • 36 paving slabs (1 crate)
    • 36 full loads mixed in the cement-mixer
    • £3,600

Approximate costs:

  • 10sqm porcelain paving = £1,800
  • 10sqm timber decking = £1,700
  • 10sqm composite decking = £2,200

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